Development Repository for open Asset Administration Shell

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Asset Administration Shell openAAS

Development Repository for open Asset Administration Shell (openAAS) by Chair of Process Control Engineering RWTH Aachen University and ZVEI.

This repository shows the current development state of the administration shell and contains definitions, models, specifications, and prototypes. The specifications are based on previous achievements of ZVEI Workgroups. For prototype development, we use the model based runtime environment ACPLT/RTE as well as open source OPC UA stack open62541


The goal of the project is to support the enforcement and distribution of I40-Component models among the industry experts by providing a general discussible, demonstrable and verifiable reference solution. The reference solution should stabilize the described model in DIN SPEC 91345 quickly and put it in availability to be used. It completes the description in DIN SPEC by formal elements. If required, the reference solution can be used by company-specific developments as a generic base directly. In this project, it is also the goal to build a visible crystallization point that can synchronize many works, summarized and goal-oriented in field of asset administration shell and I40-components. Technical content of the project is to provide a generic asset administration shell functionality as an open framework to development I40-components. It requires a systematical formalization of specifications as well as providing an easy and executable open-source-reference solution. On the base of this concept the specification of standards must be demonstrated and verified.

Current State

The openAAS specifies a basic structure for an Asset Administration Shell. The current structure in UML notation can be found here. In the current implementation, we focus on describing the corresponding Asset with properties and logging the events within the lifecycle of the I4.0 component. At Hannover Fair 2017, openAAS Software was demonstrated with the Use Case Value-Based-Service on the official Plattform-Industrie 4.0-Demonstrator.

Things that are not covered by openAAS: The aim of the openAAS project is to provide a basic sheme on how an Asset Administration Shell could be implemented. Unlike in other publications, openAAS limits its view only on the administration facet of the Asset Administration Shell. There are still “gaps” that are not considered neither conceptual nor with an implementation. These gaps prevent the integration of the openAAS Software within a production environment:

The ZVEI working group “Security” has inspected the security of the AAS based on a use case. The outcome can be found here

Project Plan

Important models:

How to contribute

There are different ways to contribute to the openAAS project: